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Preventive Dentistry


Routine Dental Checkups in Statesville for a Healthy Smile

Practicing good oral hygiene is one of the most important steps you can take to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Of course, this means brushing and flossing daily, eating beneficial foods and cutting down on sugar intake. Sometimes professional teeth cleaning is also in order, so it’s important to schedule regular dental checkups. At Randall Perry, D.D.S., PA, our staff strives to provide dental exams in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

A checkup at our Statesville dental clinic can help you avoid tooth decay, moderate discoloration, remedy damage and avoid bad breath. Prevention is the best strategy for dealing with these issues, which can become expensive if left untreated.

Your dental cleaning may include X-rays to catch warning signs of tooth damage and a fluoride treatment to make your teeth more resistant to decay. Dental sealants are another option for protecting your teeth. This process seals the deep grooves on the chewing surface of your teeth that are often a source of trouble and are difficult to clean, even in healthy mouths.
Care for Your Teeth with Cleanings, Sealants and Fillings
Unfortunately, once tooth decay has begun, the process cannot be reversed. However, professional dental care can stop the progress of the cavity and replace the hole in your tooth with a tooth filling. Temporary and permanent dental fillings help to prevent the damage from worsening and keep your teeth functioning correctly. They also improve the appearance of your smile.
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At Randall Perry, D.D.S., PA, we use the latest dental care technology to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. If it’s time for your checkup, call us at 704-881-0990. We provide preventive care, endodontic treatment and more to patients in Statesville and Mooresville.
Checking The Teeth of The Patient — Randall S PA in Statesville, NC