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Caring for Adults & Children with Orthodontic Treatment in Statesville

A dentist can help you achieve a dazzling smile, but orthodontics reaches far beyond aesthetic appeal. At Randall Perry, D.D.S., PA, we go the extra mile to deliver the best in orthodontic technology to our Statesville patients.
Orthodontia tackles problems with tooth alignment and jaw position that can create serious, lifelong difficulties. Overcrowded or crooked teeth and jaw misalignment can trigger speech defects and difficulties chewing food efficiently and cleaning your teeth. If these issues are not addressed during childhood, they can lead to recurring toothaches, earaches, gum disease and tooth decay in adulthood.

Orthodontic realignment not only improves your smile but also gives you the best possible chance of lifelong oral health.
Helping Correct Crooked Teeth & Jaw Misalignment
Childhood is the best time to treat orthodontic problems. Children should receive their first screening by age seven. This initial screening identifies issues with jaw development and teeth position. Early orthodontics begins with phase one treatment for children who are about 8 years old.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to receive orthodontic treatment early in life, there’s still plenty of time for corrective orthodontia. Adult orthodontics may take longer, but braces and other technologies are still appropriate to provide relief from ongoing issues with teeth positioning and jaw positioning and can help you attain that perfect smile you’ve always wanted.
Also Located in Mooresville
At Randall Perry, D.D.S., PA, we strive to provide family orthodontic services for adults and children alike. If you live in the Statesville or Mooresville area, call us at 704-881-0990 to find out how we can improve your smile, your health and your life with orthodontics, surgical extractions and more.
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